The Day Hate Stood Still

D.A. Rhodes

In D.A. Rhodes’ first novel since her Award-winning “WHY?,” this prolific writer once again captures the imagination of her readers with this spellbinding tale of the complicated, funny and seriously flawed, Boxx family.  This sophomore novel digs even deeper into the psyche of a family plagued by generational curses and their never ending struggle to free themselves of the demons that haunt them.  “The Day Hate Stood Still” is set in 1980’s Chicago, a time when the political landscape is changing, and hope is on the rise for its African American citizens.  While excitement is in the air for the city as a whole, the Boxx family is dealing with a tragedy that will change the course of their family’s future forever.


D.A. Rhodes

The Award Winning Novel, “WHY?” is a riveting coming of age book that tells the story of Ella Boxx, a young girl who migrates from East St. Louis to Chicago in the early 1960’s.  the lush details paint a vivid picture of the evil that drifts from generation to generation, decaying the very moral fiber of the Boxx family.  “WHY?” is a compelling, thought provoking, intoxicating story filled with joy and pain that touches the heart.

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